What is iboga

Welcome to Iboga-transformation

Iboga-transformation supports people in their transformation process finding their true nature, by facilitating iboga ceremonies held in a small setting. By creating a safe and loving environment where the iboga can do her work, old processes can be let go of so that space is created for the flow of universal love. “Find yourself and you have found everything”

What is iboga?

Iboga is a plant (Tabernanthe iboga) that grows in West- and central Africa. The part of the plant which is used for the ceremonies is the root. This is grounded and taken in. The plant has a very powerful and unique effect and is lovingly also called ‘Holy Wood’. The effect varies from physical to spiritual healing and iboga will always work there where it is needed. This may be different  from where you think it is necessary. Iboga works on the subconscious level and on the brain. In a way you might say it resets your computer, cleans your files. Because of this you can experience more freedom, love and inner peace in daily life.

Iboga can help for transformation of addictions because it can break the desire and need for addictive substances. In our ceremonies we don’t work with severe drug addicts. The treatment which is used for drug addicts is called ibogaine. Ibogaine is 1 of the 12-18 alkaloids of iboga that is applied in a concentrated form. In our ceremonies we use all the alkaloids of iboga for a traditional experience and healing effect of the iboga.

Iboga comes from the verb ‘boghaga’ which means ‘taking care of’ in one of the traditional African languages (Tsogo). It is a plant which lovingly but without mumbo-jumbo knows what is good for you.

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